"Wir alle wollen nur das eine - und das ist mehr Zeit. Zeit zum Aufstehen, Zeit erwachsen zu werden, Zeit loszulassen. Zeit."
— Meredith Grey
posted on April 23, 2014
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posted on April 23, 2014
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"The years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready."
— Helen Mirren
posted on April 23, 2014
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"She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing."
posted on April 22, 2014
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posted on April 22, 2014
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"Life is this big, fat, gigantic, stinking mess, and that’s the beauty of it, too."
— Kat Hall, If I Stay (2014)
posted on April 22, 2014

"If you stay, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll quit the band, go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I’ll do that, too. I was talking to Liz, and she said maybe coming back to your old life would be too painful, that maybe it’d be easier for you to erase us. And that would suck, but I’d do it. I can lose you like that if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.

posted on April 22, 2014
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"Even the biggest failure, even the worst, most intractable mistake, beats the hell out of never trying."
— Grey’s Anatomy
posted on April 21, 2014
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posted on April 21, 2014
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